Spring Tools Company
9718 Portage Road, Portage

(near Vicksburg)
The Viking Products Company, a wartime expansion plant, constructed this industrial version of Art Deco in 1951 to house its engine manufacturing division. It features a yellow concrete-block exterior, bold rounded corners of multipaned windows and a strongly vertical entryway. On close inspection, brick glass is visible at the sides of the entrance. The rooms with the rounded corners are large and bright, perfect for some of the more detailed work involved in machinery construction. In the back rectangular part of the original building are three bays for the various assembly lines. A two-ton crane installed by the Viking Co. for their enormous parts and machinery was recently removed from the ceiling.

In 1957, this building was purchased for a thriving company called Peterson Spring, originally founded in Ohio in the early 1900s. It has been used for a variety of purposes by the company now known as Peterson American over the years, and is since 1994 home to the Spring Tools division. Few of the interior design elements remain, as each new manager liked to put his stamp on the environment, but on the outside the building has changed little.