Kalamazoo County Building
227 West Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo

After several years of deliberation regarding funds and construction, Kalamazoo’s third County Building was finally completed and dedicated in 1937. The Public Works Administration provided about one-third of the $768,000 required to construct this five-story structure. It was designed by architect M.C.J. Billingham, who worked locally from the turn of the century into the 1960s.

The exterior is of an ochre-toned Mankato stone; along the vertical window spaces are stylized metal details. Inside, marble hallways, one-of-a-kind light fixtures, a variety of decorative woodwork, and beautiful brass grilles complete this building’s aesthetic. Brasswork once graced the two main entryways, but modern doors have taken its place since 1979. Of note are the reliefs of Law, Justice, and Vigilance in the stone surrounding the entrances, wrought by Corrado Joseph Parducci.